Jess & Jeff
Husband, Father, Aviation and Motorcycle enthusiast. DIver, Computer Geek and all around nerd. 
Wife, Mother, Teacher, to name a few, but mostly, an Artist. Time to live my dream.
Wife, Daughter, Writer, Gamer who found a Husband, Son, Craftsman and Gamer to connect with, 
Aviator and Enthusiast, Mountain Biker, Technician, Mechanic, Motorcyclist, Son and  Gamer.
Here we are, an average American family with an above average attitude. We live in the south but come from the north and live a very full life. We have two children who are way above average in most aspects and I believe they will do well in this world. We as parents held to a firm belief that our children always come first. We brought them into this world and they owe us nothing, we owe them everything.