Art Glass
To me, family is everything. Doug and I met in 1989 and never once did I doubt that he was the man for me. We wed on September 15, 1990. An event I will always have in my heart. It was the beginning of a family which happens when two people share their love. 
Art Glass or as it commonly called, stained glass is a dying art form dating back prior to the eleventh century. Today, it is something of awe when done by an artist.
Marni Originals began when my parents, Marlene and Arnie (get it?) Esbin decided they needed a hobby. As with everything in my family's life, nothing is as simple as a hobby.
Above is one of many that you can view and share with your family and friends.
I have been called a "Jill of All Trades" and master of most. That is because I have had the pleasure of living, working and/or experiencing so many facets of life, absorbing all the pertinent information from each experience, in order to utilize when needed. Over the years, trust that every ounce of this knowledge has been needed. Our family is what our life is based upon. Share a few of our experiences.