In The Kitchen
On this page you will find information on my favorite subject. Although I never was able to get my pilots licence  I always had a passion for anything that flys. I have flown Radio Control Models since the early 80's and have had a few opportunities to fly full scale. 

In The Kitchen you will find philosophy, tips, and recipes. My wife and I both love to cook and we enjoy cooking for freinds and family. We have found over the years you can not beat fresh prepared and cooked foods. 
The world of science has always facinated me. I started out in the science world but due to lack of funds at the time did not have the ability to persue my interests. I love the ocean and SCUBA diving and I love space and astronomy. The world of science has many mysteries yet to solve and will for all eternity. 
Just a few tips to make a mundain task a little less so.
Shaving should be enjoyable and relaxing. A break from todays hurry up world