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Kitchen Philosophy
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My Philosophy to the Kitchen

Before you browse my recipes take a moment to understand my philosophy of cooking.

  • First a kitchen should be clean.
    • We are preparing food, our counters, utensils, and appliances should be absolutely clean .
    • Clean as you go: your cooking experience will be more enjoyable if you do not have a pile of dished to wash at the end.
  • Remember ingredients makes the difference. Fresh ingredients makes for a fresh taste
  • Texture is a large part of the eating experience.
    • Eating a Food is an individual experience and how a person perceives the taste of a food can differ. Texture plays an important roll in the perception of taste. Take a potato for example. Many people enjoy a baked potato but find mashed potatoes unpalatable. Even if both forms of the same potato are plain with no added flavors. So remember this when you prepare your recipe. My apple pie is a perfect example of using texture in a recipe. I use three or more different apples with varying textures. Then I slice the apples to best take advantage of this texture. The granny smith is a tart apple with a snappy fine texture. I cut these apples into medium to large wedges then slice the wedges into 1/8" slices. The delicious apples are grainy so I cut them into small chunks, and the Fuji or Macintosh apples are soft meaty apple I cut larger chunks. Learn to experiment with the prep of your recipes to develop a food experience that works for you.
  • Finally experiment: Do not feel you must follow a recipe to the letter. Try different spices or sweeteners that you may prefer. I love the flavor of Ginger, Tarragon and honey so I use them often in my cooking but try some variety to keep taste buds guessing.
  • And always have fun.             

Some Of my Recipes