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Ah the internet.... How did we ever live without it? How can we live with it?

The internet is probably the most life changing invention of the 20th century.  Just look at how it has changed our lives. From the way we communicate to the way we buy things, the internet has become a very integral part of our lives. Even if you do not own a computer the internet is impacting your life every day. When you make a phone call more and more of those calls are at some point are going across the internet. Or when you hand over your credit card at a restaurant, gas station or department store, your transaction is being transmitted over the internet more times than not. Many of the things you buy as a consumer have been purchased using the internet at some point. You can not help it the internet is in your life and it is here to stay. So let us help you loose your inhabitations and use the internet to it's full extent while keeping you and your computer safe. First use the right browser. Internet explorer is good and for some things it is a necessity, but Mozilla is the original browser and Firefox brings it to you as a clean fast easy to use application. Download the latest version and try it. It will load slightly slower than IE but you will find pages load faster and the overall look is cleaner. You will have to get used to a few different terms, like "Bookmarks" instead of "Favorites" , but you will benefit with a lot more control and a faster browser.

Now you need to have a little knowledge and know how. First you have to realize the internet is a gold mine for marketers and they will use every means available to sell advertising.  One of those tools is known as spyware and adware. See our article on malware for more information on these, here I will explain a few ways you can guard yourself against them.

1. Make sure your PC is up to date. Not just your anti-virus but your system, browser and there added software called plug-ins. Background apps for web browsing you do not even notice like Java, Flash,  and shockwave to name the major players. Keep these up to date as well.

2. Set your browser to clear your private data when you close it. In IE this in under "Tools" and "internet Options" click the last tab "Advanced" and scan down to the security section. Check the box for "Empty Temporary Internet files when Browser is Closed". In Firefox 3.0 go to "Tools" , "Options" and click on the Privacy Tab. Under Private Data check the box for "Always clear my private data when I close firefox". On Firefox 3.5 or 3.6 choose the "Clear my Private Data" at the top of the window.


Download Firefox 3.6.6

To download Right Click on link and select "Save Link As" after download rename extension from .drs to .exe