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With computers getting cheaper and cheaper and our reliance on our computers in day to day life backing up your computer is more important than ever. Hopefully you think about your documents and photos, and maybe your music and videos. But, how many think of their e-mail. If you correspond to any company, government office, bank, utility or any other professional entity via e-mail, having the sent copy of that e-mail could mean the difference between  getting your just dessert or even winning a case in court. If you loose this, well do I have to say it. This is one of the reasons I always recommend an e-mail client over web based e-mail. Web based e-mail like yahoo and g-mail do back up your e-mail but have no liability to save your e-mail for any set period of time. But, even if you do use an e-mail client like Outlook, outlook express, thunderbird or Eudora you need to back up your mail on a regular basis. Most e-mail clients have an export feature in the menu and allow you to export or back up your messages, contacts, and even your account setup. If you back this up say or once a week or even once a month to your documents file, then when you backup your document folder you will backup your e-mail too, CD or DVD RWs work well for backup. External Drives are easy and cheap today. You can pick up a terabyte drive for under $100. If you do not have that much to save a pair of USB flash drives can do the trick. Why two? Always rotate your backup media for if some unforeseen failure occurs and you loose your hard drive and backup you still have last weeks backup. Well how often do I really need to back up, you may ask? Rule of thumb is as often as you can reasonably restore any lost data. If you create enough data in a week that it would take a big chunk of your time to restore that data manually, then you need to back up more often.