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Have you Shaved Today!!

Shaving has always been more of a relaxing routine than a chore for me. I would equate shaving to enjoying a good cigar and a glass of my favorite poison (alcoholic beverage). I used to enjoy as a young man in school taking out my shaving mug and old fashion (?) double edge razor. My friends would chuckle but I actually enjoyed shaving. Am I strange or am I the only one that misses the good old double edge razor. Well you do Not have to anymore. The double edge razor is back, or maybe it never completely left. A few companies are producing double edge razors, blades and accessories to bring old fashion wet shaving to the man who used to enjoy shaving. In addition there are many of the old Gillette, Schick,  Durham and others can be had second hand. These are more for collecting rather than using on on your face. A new Merkur can be had for about $25.  Not bad considering the cost of your average weighted plastic multi-blade razor handle today. But the blades is where the real difference lies. Most multi-blade refills run 6-10 dollars for a package of four. Double edge blades run 4-5 dollars for 10 and I have seen a 250 package individually wrapped blades for $40. That is 16 cents a blade a fraction of the cost of modern blades and they seem to last longer too. But the real reason to try the old double edge is the feel. The weight of the handle and glide of the blade is an experience too many men have been missing out on. Of coarse to round out the experience you need a natural boars hair or, if you want to splurge, a badger hair shaving brush and natural glycerin shaving soap in your shaving mug or bowl. Wet shaving provides an especially close shave and can be a relief to ingrown hairs and rash, especially if currently using an electric razor or gel/foam from an aerosol can. Warm water softens the hair and makes your face more supple. It aids the facial hair in becoming more receptive to shaving and makes it easier to remove hairs without irritation. Using the shaving brush in small circular motions lifts the hairs and mildly massages and exfoliates the skin. Stay away from aftershaves or balms that contain alcohol as they will cause irritation especially if your skin is sensitive. After rinsing your face with warm water splash with cool (not cold) water to tighten pores. Finally for the very daring you may want to try a straight razor, but I prefer to leave the straight razor to a trained barber.

Signing Off

Doug S

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