These are some of the great times me and my sister had with my dad at the show!

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Stuart Air Show 2005
It's a Goony Bird Aboard the DC3 Tower we are ready for take off.
I have got to get me one of these! Buds and a B17 Start the obstacle coarse
Low Bridge! My Next Bike? Or maybe this one!
My Favorite Plane... P51D Yea... We're Bad! Another Spectacular Show!
The Stuart Air Show 2002


Jessica and I in a Blackhawk Helicopter   I Love the sound of this plane!!! T-6 Texan

  Jessica with My Favorite Airplane... P51 Mustang....CADILLAC OF THE SKY!!!!  
Jessi with a Yak...

What a name for a great plane!

  Jessi and me with an L19 Birddog.

Can I take this one home Dad....PLEEAASSE!

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