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I received my first bike on Christmas 2007 as a little extra surprise. It is a 2001 Yamaha TTR125N. this is the version with the smaller wheels and drum front brake. The bike was in good condition cosmetically but the motor we thought was dry seized was a total melt down. The previous owner had put the wrong spark plug in and blew the piston apart. The rod tore a piece of the cylinder off at the base and tore up the connecting rod. My dad got a new crankshaft and we found a cylinder on eBay in very good condition. The bore on the cylinder was in good shape but just at the limit of spec according to my dad, so we had it bored once over. We took the head apart and cleaned everything up before reassembling everything. The transmission and clutch where in good shape and my dad guided me through the reassembly. He said he had not rebuilt an engine in over 20 years and we did not have a manual but all went pretty well. The only stumble was the clutch rod was not inserted before we assembled the case, oops, tear it apart again and start over.... It only set us back one night but the suspense is killing me... Well on the second assembly I needed very little guidance on the transmission and I installed the head and cam chain myself. Dad said I even got the timing "spot on". We put the motor back in the frame, installed the new chain and sprockets adding new wheel bearings and brake shoes in the rear. New steering stem bearings and fresh fork oil with new wheel bearings, brake shoes and cable round out the front. After reinstalling the exhaust, fenders, fuel tank and seat we refueled and I got ready to try my first kick start. Well my leg got a work out but not even a sputter. My dad checked the plug and it was dry so he added a few drops of gas in the spark plug hole and we tried again. It fired right off for about 2 seconds. My dad said we needed to clean the carb and tomorrow was another day... Oh Mannn... Well after my dad got home from work we pulled the carb and went to work. Wow there are a lot of little parts in there. Dad had a new float jet and gaskets so we cleaned all the crude out of the float bowl and made sure all the little holes in the jets and carb where clear. we left a couple of parts soaking over night. Drat one more day....I can't take it!!!!! The next day was Saturday and my dad took off. I woke him early and we reassembled the carburetor and installed it on the bike. I turned on the gas and pulled the choke knob out. On the second kick the engine sprang to life. I pushed the choke off and the engine died. OK, redo and it fires on the first kick. Leave the choke on a few more seconds and lower the knob just a little. Let dad adjust the carb a little and lower the choke all the way. A little more adjustment and the engine is singing. Now it is time to learn to ride. Fun, fun fun!!!!


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