Pugs- Our Pugs

Pugs- Our Pugs
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a.k.a Rygel


Approx. 8 Years old

Fawn, Mini

We adopted him from the Pug Rescue in south Florida. He had spent the first year and a half of his life in a 2 by 2 by 2 foot cage. His original owners misunderstood him and thought he was beating up their boxer. Pugs love to play and they play hard. At times they sound and look like they are attacking each other but in all the years we have had pugs we have never had them hurt each other. His original owners named him Google (huh) and I wanted to name him Rygel but we settled on his nickname.

Ka D'argo


Approx. 8 Years old

Black, Full size

He came to us as a rescue from the Humane Society  of Boynton Beach. He weighed about 15 lbs., was flea infested and had been beaten. In just a few short months we had him healthy and happy. Today he is about 28 pounds of playful pug!


Aeryn Sun


1 1/2 Years Old

Black/choc., Toy

She came to us from a family friend who also has several pugs. When she was born we told our kids we would adopt her but they had to take care of her. Well she is the smartest and easiest to care for. She is also the smallest at 11 pounds but also the toughest. She can keep the three boys hopping and take them all on at once. It figures as she is my daughters dog and she is a 2nd degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. This is our ninja dog!



1 1/2 years old

Black/ choc., Toy

As with his sister Aeryn, Pilot has a lot of Chocolate in him. He was the runt of the litter and was born without a natal sack and had just a stub of a tail. His hips also have a slight dysplasia but it does not affect him that we can notice. The breeders felt that no one would want him without a tail, but my son took to him almost immediately. My wife and I figured what's one more, besides it keeps the symmetry in the family! He has turned out to be the clown of the bunch and is an exceptional well behaved dog.