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Temperament - This is an even-tempered breed, exhibiting stability, playfulness, great charm, dignity, and an outgoing, loving deposition. Clarification: Pugs are outgoing, boisterous on occasion, gaily mischievous, stubborn, willful, and self-confident. The Pug is a cheerful, amiable little soul who exhibits high spirits and loves to play, but is not nervous or high strung. Pugs can be good alarm dogs and are very patient with children. The exhibition of their naturally high spirits in the ring should be considered favorably, whereas indications of shyness, nervousness, or aggressiveness toward dogs or people (other than in play) are unusual and unacceptable.

Though the Pug is classified as a Toy breed there are three distinct sizes. The Standard can be upwards of 32lbs. and is the most common with the square and cobby proportions. The mini is more thin and leggy and usually run in the high teens for weight. The toy pug is usually not more than 14-15 lbs and are decisively over square. Having long legs and stout bodies they also seem to be the most mischievous.

 Still they all make very good house pets. They are clean and easy to care for. Although they can shed like most dogs the fur is short and picks up rather easily.  They are most definitely not outside dogs. With the short snout and inherent breathing issues they can not transfer heat as most breeds can. Leave a pug outside in the summer and it will over heat with terrible health consequences. No they are house pets and with consistent discipline and praise you will have a well behaved fun loving part of the family.